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Unveiling Marijuana's Holistic Healing in Contrast to Alcohol and Drugs


Marijuana is objectively safer, and provides greater healing potential, than drugs and/or alcohol.
Unlike marijuana, the use of drugs and/or alcohol reportedly causes thousands of deaths each and every year. For example, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 140,000 people in the United States die each year from chronic alcohol use. When it comes to drug use, the data is even more stark. According to the CDC, more than one million people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose. In 2021, more than 106,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States. In contrast, the CDC does not even have a category for deaths caused by the use of marijuana.

Health Implications

Marijuana vs. Alcohol and Drugs


In Regard To Marijuana Vs Alcohol, Public Data Indicates That Excessive Drinking Is A Leading Cause Of Preventable Death In The United States, According To The CDC. It Also Shortened The Lives Of Those Who Died From Excessive Alcohol Use By An Average Of 26 Years.

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    Another important fact in the Cannabis vs Alcohol debate is that excessive and/or chronic alcohol use is known to damage the brain. In contrast (and despite public misconception) marijuana use does not negatively impact the brain. In fact, a growing number of studies indicate that marijuana use actually has neuroprotective properties (i.e., it works to protect brain cells). So, when comparing weed vs alcohol, the data clearly shows that weed is safer, less addictive, and does not adversely impact the brain.

Prescription Drugs

When it comes to medical marijuana vs prescription drugs, public data shows that drug overdose deaths, particularly from prescription drugs such as opioids, have risen fivefold over the past two decades, according to the CDC. For example, the rate of drug overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids, other than methadone, increased by a staggering 22 percent.


Multiple studies have shown that marijuana is less addictive than drugs and/or alcohol based on a myriad of factors, including potentially fatal physical withdrawal, dependence and tolerance issues associated with chronic drug and/or alcohol use.

The Importance Of

Holistic Healing

Holistic medicine has been practiced for decades in different parts of the world. Why? Because holistic medical treatment takes an all-encompassing approach to a person’s health, with the goal of balancing all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. Marijuana is being used to enhance this balance.

How Marijuana Works in

Holistic Healing

Multiple studies have shown that marijuana use may allow individuals to better control their health and understand which parts of their bodies require attention and healing. For example, they may have what is considered to be a mental condition (e.g., anxiety, PTSD, etc.) which may actually be caused by physical pain and discomfort. A holistic approach to treating the condition would include taking into account the relationship between mental and physical health. In many instances, using marijuana may be the treatment option that most effectively addresses both the underlying causes and symptoms of various health issues.

Marijuana’s Therapeutic Benefits

While researchers continue to work to understand the full capacity of therapeutic benefits associated with marijuana use, Johnson & Wales University published a list of promising results and health benefits associated with marijuana use, including:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preventing relapse in drug and alcohol addiction
  • Treating anxiety disorders
  • Treating gastrointestinal (GI) disorders
  • Preventing seizures
  • Fighting cancer

The Future of Marijuana

in Medicine and Society

A total of 35 states, and the District of Columbia, have legalized marijuana for medical use. Of those 35 states, 16 allow adults to legally use marijuana for recreational purposes, as of April 2021. The number of states legalizing marijuana use, in some form, is expected to increase in the coming years as more people learn about the therapeutic benefits associated with marijuana use. 

Final thoughts

When compared to using drugs and/or alcohol, the available data (and multiple scientific and medical studies) shows that marijuana use is far safer and may provide holistic health benefits that are not similarly offered by drugs and/or alcohol.